Gearhart-Mckee Inc.  






GMI is headquartered in Johnston, PA with a regional office in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded by Terry Gearhart and Kim McKee, GMI delivers unique electrical maintenance and testing services to national power generation, utilities, mining and industrial customers through customized services and staff augmentation, allowing companies to remain focused on their core business while reducing their operations and maintenance expenses and improving equipment reliability.

Contracted to provide planning and project administration services, product selection and installation, as well as plant operation, maintenance and testing, GMI consistently exceeds client expectations. Examples include:

Leading Power Generation Company – Contracted to perform Start-up & Testing of 15,000HP motor (installed by OEM), GMI identified and advised client of potentially catastrophic wiring problem and avoided serious injury, plant damage and costly downtime. GMI’s ability and quick thinking helped avoid a potential loss of up to $5M in damage and downtime.

Leading Power Generation Company & Small Northeastern Utility – Voltage regulators designed, installed and maintained by GMI withstood all voltage variations and stayed online during the east coast power outage of 2003, providing its clients with the opportunity to provide and sell power at premium rates during this natural catastrophe.

Power Generation Company – During an emergency (forced outage) GMI was called on to analyze, recommend and assist in problem identification and resolution. Inside 30 minutes the first GMI technician arrived, followed by a GMI Lead Engineer and a GMI Supervisor (foreman) less than 60 minutes later. Within 48 hours, 8 GMI technicians were on site and had completed the analysis and recommendation for repair procedures. Repairs were completed within 10 days and saved 50% of projected expenses (based on original estimate).